A Healthy Outside Starts From The Inside

A Healthy Outside Starts From The Inside


A healthy outside starts from the inside, which majorly brings out the old saying “you are what you eat”. You eating habits have a drastic effect on your health and lifestyle habits. Most people parallel health with the numbers that they can measure whether they are the counts on your test charts, weight or waist size. Mental and emotional health has just as much of an impact on your health as much as physical health which is more of a reason to transition into a healthier lifestyle and pick up healthy eating habits. The Best Physicians in Siliguri always advise their patients to eat healthy.

Table of contents:

  1. Boosting your mood 
  2. Reducing symptoms of depression
  3. Building your self-esteem 

Listed below are some of the evident benefits of eating healthy that are recommended by the best physician in Siliguri.

Boosting your mood 

Many studies suggest that eating healthy helps you to keep up with a consistent mood. Eating a balanced diet can provide your body with the proper nutrients, tools and substances it needs to keep a consistent mood. There are many dieticians that can help you with diet tips and boost your mood with the kind of food that you eat. You can customize your diet according to your needs and your body goals.

Reducing symptoms of depression 

Indulging in binge eating and comfort eating is a downhill slope to get stuck in unhealthy eating habits. These unhealthy eating habits cause you to snack on unhealthy packaged foods or high quantities of pre-packaged foods. These foods have a high calorie count with non- negligible nutritional values. When you consistently deprive your body of the proper nutrients and vitamins that it requires, the body’s ability to provide serotonin and other chemicals that makes you feel happy is hampered. This causes you fall into a vicious cycle where you crave comfort foods because you are depressed and your eating habits just causes your depression.

Eating fresh fruits, vegetables and home cooked nutritious meals can do wonders not only for your body but also your mind. When you nourish your body well, it produces a lot of serotonin, which plays a huge part in helping you stay happy and motivated.

Building your self-esteem 

When you eat right and treat your body well, the results are very rewarding. Transitioning to a healthy lifestyle can give you a huge boost of self-esteem.  When you are mentally and physically healthy, you are more motivated to stay on the top of things and perform all your tasks. This takes a domino effect and helps you feel more accomplished and feel better about yourself, which in turn gives you a huge self esteem boost. It also helps you have a brighter and more optimistic outlook on life.

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