Being in good health is desired by all. A combination of aspects contributes to your wellness. Basically, your lifestyle and diet have a role here. Health concerns, however, are nothing to ignore. It can be a mild cough or headache in the early stage. But overlooking the fact may lead to further concerns.

Showing symptoms is your body’s nature to inform you something is unsuitable inside. Therefore, primary care by a medical professional is required. A general physician provides such assistance, ensuring quality diagnosis as first aid. Assured by what type of condition you develop, the top general physician in Siliguriconducts a non-surgical regimen.

Dr. Naveen Agarwal, the leading diabetologist and consultant physician, ensures the topmost general health assistance for patients dealing with mild to severe medical conditions.

Health Conditions that need the assistance of a general physician:


Fever is your body’s defense mechanism to combat infections. The temporary hike in your body temperature above 103 Fahrenheit is concerning. Discomfort can involve sweating, headache, dehydration, weakness, lack of appetite, shivering, body cramps, etc.

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Cold, Cough

The common cold is one of the most prominent health discomforts among individuals. Actually, this condition helps remove the lung irritants from your body. In many cases, a person with a weakened immune is prone to common colds and fever. Both flu and allergy can result in this discomfort.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is when the blood pressure against the artery walls is high. It ranges from 140/90 to above. Severe hypertension can be life-threatening. Complications of hypertension may revolve around stroke, heart attack, metabolic syndrome, dementia, kidney damage, etc.

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Like hypertension, diabetes is another concerning chronic disease. People get high blood sugar levels for two significant reasons – if the pancreas makes insufficient insulin; if the body is unable to direct the insulin that the pancreas makes.


Asthma is a chronic lung disease that causes the airways to become swollen and narrow. Chest pain, wheezing, shortness of breath, and coughing are some symptoms of bronchial asthma.

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Inflammation in the air sacs of one or both lungs may produce chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, confusion, nausea, vomiting, and cough with phlegm. Pneumonia can be mild or fatal.


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) refers to an inflammatory lung condition responsible for obstructing the airflow from your lungs. Once the problem becomes more advanced, you may feel shortness of breath, chest tightness, weakness, chronic cough, wheezing, unexplained weight loss.

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Thyroid Disease

Dysfunction in your thyroid gland affects the hormone it produces. Adults, older adults, kids, or even infants can have this. Thyroid disease can affect mood, sleep, hormone level, weight, eyesight, menstruation, et al.

Cardiovascular Disease

A cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a group of health concerns that trigger your heart and blood vessels. Some examples of CVD include coronary artery disease, abnormal heart rhythm, heart attack, stroke, blood vessel disease, and heart valve disease.

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Anemia is a medical condition that defines a lack of red blood cells. Fatigue, irregular heartbeats, chest discomfort, headaches, pale skin, and dizziness may indicate low haemoglobin levels.

Liver Disease

A number of factors can put you at risk of liver disease, including infections, obesity, cancer, alcohol miscues, inherited reasons, and issues with the immune system.

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Digestive Problems

Problems in your digestive tract can play havoc with your health. Constipation, diarrhea, bloating, heartburn, abdominal pain, gallstones, peptic ulcers may result from digestive issues.

With accurate monitoring of heath, Dr. Naveen Agarwal puts forward A 1 medical care. Talk with your physician for a promising recovery.

Relieve High Blood Sugar With Top Diabetologist In Siliguri

Diabetes mellitus is a lifelong medical concern that requires expert attention at the earliest. Unlike type 1, in type 2 diabetes, symptoms tend to develop slowly. Generally, gestational diabetes found in expectant mothers shows no prominent signs; others may have.

Increased thirst, need to pee more often, feeling tired, excessive hunger, irritability, slow healing infection, sores, dry skin, blurry eyesight may pinpoint elevated blood sugar levels. Seeking medical guidance from the most renowned diabetologist in Siliguri can benefit your wellness in every way possible. Dr. Naveen Agarwal is a specialist in diabetes management.

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Listening to a patient’s complaints is vital to medical care. Optimal recovery, thus, is closely connected with understanding the discomfort the patient has undergone. Based on that, general practitioners order different ranges of tests and diagnostic procedures to help you get the right treatments.